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Skycomp produces accurate traffic flow metrics using time-lapse aerial photography, video and direct observation.

Our aerial traffic surveys deliver a wide range of verifiable, balanced metrics for peak periods over complex study areas of up to twelve square miles. We have the unique ability to provide a comprehensive set of concurrent metrics, including

Traffic Volumes

Vehicle Classification

Turning Movement Counts (TMCs)

Queue Lengths

Travel Times


Route and Origin-Destination (O-D) Information

Our data is used to understand and illustrate current conditions at unprecedented levels of detail by a wide range of technical and non-technical transportation stakeholders, including




Public Officials

Based in Columbia, Maryland, but working across the United States, we are an industry leader in traffic planning surveys and data analysis. For over 40 years, we have been the source for objectively verifiable traffic surveillance, monitoring, and analysis for use in origin-destination surveys, performance monitoring, public involvement resources, planning studies, and model calibration. Using specially equipped aircraft and highly trained crews, Skycomp is able to provide measurement impossible or impractical by other means.